Rankin County Parents Upset as Autism Program Dropped

Rankin County School district Rankin County, Mississippi– The Rankin County School District is cutting its autism program that serves students at Oakdale Elementary School.

Parents have expressed their disappointment with the school district.

Richard Morrison, Assistant Superintendent, says:

“We just want to make sure that all the kids in Rankin County that have any autistic disability get services, and I think that’s part of our job,”

According to the News Central 12 report there are nearly 2,200 students with some type of special needs with 152 autistic students in the district.

The cuts within the Oakdale Elementary Program will force children to go back to their home schools and they will be placed in classes with other special needs children.

One parent, Olivia Boone, says she is afraid that her son, 7 will not receive the care he needs in a larger class.

Members of the school board say they’ll consider the concerns from parents.

School officials said no school employees will lose their jobs because of the cuts.

The original article by Beth Alexander on the News Central 12 website can be read here