Protesters claim autism advocacy group is not what it seems

autismspeaksnotVancouver — A group of protesters showed up at a walk organized to raise money for non-profit organization Autism Speaks at the Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.

The protesters were claiming that the non-profit organization is doing more harm than good to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Alanna Whitney, who was one of the protesters who showed up at the event, claims that a lot of sinister activities are going on inside the charitable organization.

According to Whitney:

“They have no autistic people on their board of directors, no autistic people in leadership positions, management positions. They did have one autistic person on their board of directors [but] he quit because they wouldn’t listen to anything he said.”

Whitney also alleged that only a small percentage of the money raised by Autism Speaks actually goes to individuals with autism. She also accused the organization of promoting behavioral treatments that are unacceptable, through their website.

The organization is yet to comment on the protesters’ allegations.

Source: Kristin Woodhouse: Protesters claim an autism advocacy group is doing more harm than good