Calgary firm ‘Meticulon’ help adults on the autistic spectrum to find work

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Meticulon, is a company that works with people with autism to help then find work.

Meticulon CEO Garth Johnson says in the CBC news article that the company is searching for employers who need workers in software testing or data management.

He further adds:

“They’re going to get people that are extremely diligent, extremely accurate, and precise, capable of high degrees of focus. Very low turnover — our people do not like change and so they will be very, very loyal. Very, very focused,”

Garth Johnson also says that roughly 85 per cent of people with autism do not have a job and the 15 per cent who do are often under-employed.

Head of Next Digital, John McLaughln said he hopes to find workers through Meticulon.

“They have the kind of people that are, I guess, really great at focusing and really good at doing some things that I think my guys right now aren’t good at.”

Dakota Kiriachuk who is a client of Meticulon said that the company are trying to find the right job for her.

Watch this video from CBC’s The National, broadcast Jan. 8, 2014. Autism Daily Newscast has arranged an interview later this week with Garth Johnson to find out how they are doing.