Security guard nominated for Community Hero Award after helping teen with autism – w/video


Ana Abreu, screenshot taken from the CBC news website

Thornhill, Ontario, Canada — A security guard for a mall in Thornhill in Ontario, Canada has been nominated for a Community Hero Award after helping a teen with autism.

Ana Abreu came to the aid of a 15-year-old boy with autism who became distraught after losing his sunglasses at the Promenade Mall in the Thornhill neighborhood. The boy’s mother, Laura Kirby McIntosh, was able to track her down shortly after the incident, and just in time to nominate her for a Community Hero Award.

Laura insisted that Ana should accept the award, and the heroic security guard says that she will be doing so on behalf of everyone else who came to the teenage boy’s aid throughout the years, including people at the mall who offered assistance while Laura was waiting for help from security at the mall.

Ana was handed the Community Hero Award a week ago, Thursday.

Source: on the CBC News Toronto website: Security guard hailed as hero for helping teen with autism