Threat of eviction for couple with autistic son resolved

Ottawa, Canada – On October 9th, less than two weeks after moving in, John and Kerri From received a letter stating that there had been a complaint about the noise in the apartment and if it could not be reduced the couple should “look for more suitable accommodation immediately.” They had until October 30th to resolve the issue.  The From’s have an 8 year old autistic son Logan who likes to jump on his specialty trampoline and does display and according to his parents does have tantrums.

The Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization said landlords are obligated to act on complaints about noise from tenants, and tenants are required to keep noise levels down.  While the tenants complaining could not be reached for comment, others have said the person living below the Froms tends to be overly sensitive to sounds.

The owner and property manager of the second-level unit told the couple earlier this week  that further no noise complaints had been filed during the seven-day period. This meant that the original notice was now void.” Gabby Horan, the landlord sent an email to the Froms stating,

“We are committed to co-operating with you and working together to reach a resolution to this situation”