Podcast: Dena Gassner: Autism advocate, mother, author and researcher

Dena Gassner

Dena Gassner is a wife, mother, grandmother, social worker, doctoral student and was diagnosed with autism in 1999. She is on the national board for the Arc US, and GRASP and is an advisory board member for the Autism Society. She has written multiple published articles and book chapters. “Without one, there would be none” is how she describes the gifts of unconditional love and authenticity that she received with the birth of her son who is now at Marshall University. She and her daughter, Katie are writing a book about the reconciliation they’ve experienced since Katie became a mother.

Dena is an autism mom to an adult son and on the spectrum herself. Inspired to become an autism researcher and fight for the humanitarian needs of women with disabilities, she started working towards a Phd with Professor Stephen Shore.

Hear more about Dena’s inspiring journey to become an autism researcher and learn about her upcoming book.

Listen to the episode below:

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