by Maymay

July 26, 2014

PhillycomicconMaymay had the best time at Wizard Wold Philadelphia Comic Con. She met some spectacular people and got to live a piece of her dream and interview people for her blog. She was very impressed by the people who sought her out to get a picture with them! When I asked Maymay what she thought of the event, her response was simply,

“These people aren’t judging me.”

Lou FerrignoMaymay was honored to have a moment with Lou Ferrigno. He is a body builder who has won the title of Mr. Universe twice, and an actor best known for his role as The Incredible Hulk.

Maymay: What do you think about the new Incredible Hulk?

LF: I like him. I do. I think I was better, but I do like him. What I don’t like is all the CGI. I did all the acting, now it’s CGI. I think the direction they are going with all the CGI takes a lot away from what the TV show accomplished.

Maymay: Thank you for talking with me.

LF: No problem. Thank you.


comicbookmenComic Book Men is an American reality television series airing on the AMC network. It is set at Kevin Smith’s comic book shop, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, in Red Bank, New Jersey. Maymay got to talk with these great guys from the show: Ming Chen, Michael Zapcic, and Bryan Johnson.

Maymay: I know you know everything about comics, but if you had to pick just one as your favorite what would it be, and why?

MC: Avengers #216. This was the first comic book I ever got. I was six years old and my best friend in first grade gave it to me. It means a lot to me.

BJ: Alpha Flight #106. It just speaks to me.

MZ: Definitely Avengers #151. I really like the artist. he retells the Avengers story. It’s great.

The guys were nice enough to joke around with Maymay for a little while. These guys were insanely kind and made Maymay feel like part of their group for a few minutes.

Rob PaulsenRob Paulsen is one of the most sought after voice actors, and a genuinely nice guy. As Maymay walked up he greeted her as an Animaniacs saying “Hello Nurse“. Maymay couldn’t stop laughing and they spent a few minutes with Rob doing different voices and Maymay laughing hysterically. He then spent some time talking with Maymay and getting to know her a bit. He seemed to genuinely care what she had to say. He asked about her bear, graduation, and she opened up to him and shared a few things. It was incredible.

Maymay: What’s your most favorite thing you’ve ever done.

RP: Next to meeting you. Let me say I’m so proud of you! Congrats sweetie. I mean it.

Maymay: Thank you very much. (She couldn’t stop smiling.)

RP: hmmm. Well, other than meeting you, my favorite thing would be my son. I’ve done a lot of really cool things, but getting to be a TMNT when my son was young, well, that was cool. I was Raphael. Then as he got older, I was Donatello. That’s pretty cool. To have my son see me as a TMNT. So, I’d have to say my two favorite things are meeting you, and being a ninja turtle when my son could enjoy it.

Maymay and Rob spent a few more minutes talking. He is an amazing talented actor, but more importantly, he is a genuinely amazing person.

** The picture is actually from Saturday. I somehow managed to lose the original picture of Maymay and Rob from Friday. Maymay decided to ask him on Saturday if she could please take another picture. This incredibly generous man not only said yes, he came around the table and gave her a huge hug. She spent the rest of the day on cloud nine and told anyone who’d listen that she made a friend. 

Part 2 is an interview with James Marsten of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame and Ralph Macchio of Karate Kid fame. It can be read here tomorrow.

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Maymay, a special autistic girl and her Berry best friend, began writing movie reviews as a way to improve her writing skills. She continues writing them because she loves it and wants to continue sharing her love of movies with the world. Maymay's favorite movie of all time is Titanic.

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