Petition – ‘Help Get Maise Home’ 13 year-old with autism

Image taken from the 38 degrees petition

Image taken from the 38 degrees petition

Kingston upon Hull, UK – Maisie is a 13- year-old girl who has autism. She self harms and because of this she is currently under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act. She has been placed into hospital, 60 miles away from her family home. . Her family have now set up the petition, Reinstate 24/7 care for CAMHS in Kingston upon Hull, in order to bring Maisie home. The petitoion can be found on the 38 degrees website by clicking here.

The petition states:

‘More 24/7 inpatient facilities are required for Children with mental health conditions. This is a problem throughout the UK.

Why is this important?

I’m fighting for my local area but I’m hopeful with your support the government will make the changes that are greatly needed across children’s mental health services.

I personally have to travel over an hour to see my 13 year old, sectioned, autistic daughter because that is the nearest 24/7 care available. Also in this area, at this particular time, (that I know about) four other families are travelling to see their children in; Manchester, Liverpool and Northampton (over 2.5 hours). These vulnerable children need their families around them at this frightening time.’

The Help Get Maisie Home twitter page tweeted on Jan 28 that the National Autistic Society are now backing the campaign.

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The petition can be found here