Paris Askate Skateboarding event invites Autistic children to try a new sport

We all know that sport and exercise is good for body, mind and soul, and having Autism or an ASD diagnosis should not stand in the way of a child, or adult having fun, branching out and doing something different.

Last week we brought you the inspirational story of Anthony Ianni Michigan State Basketball player and Autism Advocate, readers in France will soon get the chance to try something new first hand.

Vans sneakers will be holding a special event at the Galerie de la Vilette, Paris on August 31.

The event will feature a one of a kind Askate skating event for Autistic children, which opens at 11.45am, with a skateboard clinic at 12pm.

Children will be provided with skateboards and helmets to use during the event.

Crys Worley, founder of Askate writing on their website has this to say about the organisation:

“Askate Foundation is not for profit, and organises an Autism friendly skateboard clinic environment to teach basic skills of skateboarding to all budding skaters. As there aren’t many options out there for children with Autism to take part in activities other than organised sports. Often, the rules, pressure of being a team player, and the stress of following directions stands in the way of a child with Autism being successful in sport.

“Skateboarding allows them to learn on their own terms. There are no rules,people can skate at their own pace. The demand in the Autism Community for an activity that can have long term benefits is enormous world wide. They are working on skills similar to those found in Occupational Therapy without nit feeling like treatment. Skateboarding helps us work with the kids on vestibular, proprioceptive, and motor skills as well as social skills. It’s more than just a fun day at the skatepark.”

To register, go to You can also email with any questions.

Autism Daily Newscast look forward to bringing you all the news from the event.