Parents online petition ‘Reprimand all Riverview School employees responsible for the negligence of Avonte Oquendo’

Avonte Oquendo

Avonte Oquendo

Autism Daily Newscast reported on the story of Avonte Oquendo back in October 2013 when he went missing from Riverview School in New York. We were saddened to have to report on Jan 22 that body parts found were those of Avonte.

A petition has now been started by Samantha Robinson and parents of Riverview School, Long Island City, New York. Autism Daily Newscast believes that all stories of interest to the autism spectrum community should be published, but in so doing, we do not endorse any one position or view.

The petition’ Reprimand all Riverview School employees responsible for the negligence of Avonte Oquendo leading to his disappearance on October 4th, 2013 from Long Island City, NY.’ details the sequence of events during the school day in which Avonte went missing from school.

The petition states that school security is not a priority and the parents behind the petition are now asking:

‘that all faculty, staff, contract employees and temps who fail to protect children in any way from the dangers that Avonte faced will not only be dismissed, but charged with negligence, and barred from working with children ever again through certificate/license revocation.’

The petition then goes on to say that this type of tragedy should never happen as parents put their trust in the school and the staff to protect their children.

This newscast is opened up for comments. We would like to hear from our readers their opinions on this subject.

The petition on can be found here


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