Parents with autistic teen jailed after police found son running naked in the streets

CAutism and Abusehillicothe, Mo. — The parents of a teen with autism were arrested a week ago Sunday morning following reports received by local police that the 14-year-old was seen running down the street naked.

Daniel III and Michelle Schliessman were arrested and charged with a felony for child endangerment involving drugs after police found drug paraphernalia as well as meth amphetamine in the couple’s home which authorities described was under “disgusting conditions”. According to court records:

“Inside the residence, dog feces, cat feces and vomit from dogs and cats were found in multiple areas of the house on the floor, including the children’s bedrooms.”

The police also found the couple’s three other children — a 15-year-old girl, a six-year-old boy, and a young girl who will turn two years old next month — most of them were said to have been found with either bug bites or untreated sores. According to the court documents:

“All four children were dirty and it appeared the children had not bathed for an extended period of times.”

The couple claimed that they have just moved in to their Chillicothe home four days prior to the incident.

The incident wasn’t the first time that the child with autism was seen running down the street unsupervised. Police say records show that the boy had previously been seen darting in and out of traffic a few blocks from their home, and was even almost hit by vehicles at one point.

Source: CNN WIRE: KTLA 5: Parents Accused of Drug Use, Neglect After Teen With Autism Found Naked on Street in Missouri