Ontario people rally together in support of hate letter teen

Max Begley

Max Begley

The people of Durham, Ontario are rallying together, quite literally, in support of the family of the Autistic teen who received a hate letter on August 16.

As Autism Daily Newscast reported on August 21 that the letter received by Brenda Milson, grandmother of 13 year old Max Begley at her home in Newcastle, was not being investigated as a hate crime. This news sparked the Morrisette family to organise a motorcycle demonstration on the streets of Durham. The demonstration will take place on Friday August 23.

The letter went viral on the internet on August 20, and the letter seems to have stirred a hidden passion within the Canadian population, with people contacting Max to offer retreats.

The author of the letter who named herself “one pissed off mother” has not yet been identified. But Durham regional police are working vigilantly to bring them to justice. The full letter was reported by Autism Daily Newscast on August 22.