North Miami teen with autism dies from seizure on school bus

Miami, FL – A North Miami teenager with autism died as a result of having a seizure on a school bus, prompting his family to sue the school board for negligence.

Kenneth Pierre Louis was an 18 year old student with Autism Spectrum Disorder who had a history of seizures prior to the incident. According to reports, the teen was found unconscious and lodged between two seats following a fatal cardiac event brought on by the seizure.

Although medical personnel arrived on the scene between 5 and 15 minutes after the teen first seized, witness accounts suggest that paramedics were not called in a “timely fashion” according to his family’s attorney.

Seizures are considered to be one of the most prevalent neurological disorders affecting children and adolescents on the spectrum. As a result, the prospect of a child with autism being seriously injured or dying due to having a seizure is a significant cause of concern for both families and caregivers.

Unfortunately, Kenneth Pierre Louis’ family is now facing, what has presumably been their biggest fear, as they tackle the daunting task of coming to terms with the young man’s passing and relying on the court system to ascertain the true circumstances surrounding his death.

The original article on the CBS Miami website can be read here