Nine year old autistic boy denied Dublin bus ride with service dog

CC BY by Martha Garvey

CC BY by Martha Garvey

Dublin, Ireland – An investigation is underway in Dublin bus Company, Dublin Bus, after a nine year old autistic boy was denied a bus ride because he had a service dog.

The driver of the bus refused to continue with the journey after Michael McQuillan his mother and sister boarded the bus. Head office management had to radio the driver to ask him to continue with his route.

Michael’s mother Mary told the Irish Herald:

“When we sat down the driver said he was not allowing the dog to travel and he switched off the engine.The dog was wearing his special jacket which has a written message that it is an Autism Ireland assistance dog.

“Michael has been bringing his dog, Vegas, on the bus every day on his way home from school with no problems. But he was very upset after this happened and said he didn’t want to go to school again.”

A spokesperson for Dublin Bus said:

“It does appear the driver did not realise it was a special assistance dog. Once he realised it was, he proceeded on his journey. We have put up notices in all our depots to advise drivers regarding passengers travelling with assistance dogs.”