Nick Lachey opens up abut his relationship with brother who has autism

Nick Lachey recently spoke about his brother ,Zac 19 who has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.

He spoke about his relationship with his brother on Good Morning America and told ABS News:

“He loves [my son] Camden. He doesn’t necessarily know how to play with him, but he’s a very interested uncle,”
“I think he feels a little awkward being hands-on, but he always asks about him. He’s a very caring kid.”

Lachey asked for Zac’s permission, which he granted, in talking about his diagnosis and they both agreed that spreading autism awareness was important.

Lachey said:

“It teaches understanding and patience for sure. That’s something that we always like to think we all have on a daily basis, but you’re reminded in situations like this that you can always do better.”

The original article by Lesley Messer on the ABC News website can be read here