New Italian bike guidance “from behind” with a hug for those with special needs.

hugbike2Pescara, Italy – Hugbike® a new innovative bicycle for those with autism.

Literally called the “bicycle hug” because the driver is sitting back and guide the passenger hugging, Hugbike stems from a joint project developed by the new Coop. Social “Work of the Brand“. In addition, the bikes are built by the hands of young people with autism, which operates in the Province of Treviso, in Godega of St. Urban, at the Village Cohousing 4Autism.

In traditional tandem bicycles, the driver has the handlebars in front and directs the vehicle while the passenger sits behind. On Hugebike the main cyclist sits on the back seat, with a long curved handlebars similar to the chopper – while the passenger sits in the seat front.

Italian gold medalist gymnast, Jury Chechi  gave this testimonial at the Gala Cycling in Conegliano (TV) this week where Hugbike was officially presented: hugbike

“This is a wonderful project because the bike is able to bring great excitement to persons disabled. This project offers everyone the opportunity to ride, and also creating an important opportunity for personal and professional insertion. “

The bicycle HUGBIKE ® is already in production and can be purchased if you are in Italy by filling out the form on their website at

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