New book questions if Dylan Thomas was on autism spectrum

Dylan ThomasDr David Sands, who is an animal psychologist, believes that the welsh poet, Dylan Thomas may have been on the autism spectrum and had the condition,  synaesthesia. Many individuals with synaestheia experience seeing colours when they hear things or if they read something.

There are many famous individuals who are synaesthesiacs including David Hockney and Victor Nabokov.The UK Synaesthesia Association, states that the condition is not an illness nor a disease. It is also thought to be more common in creative individuals and those who are on the ‘milder’ end of the autism spectrum.Dr Sands writes in his book:

“the boy who became a great poet of the last century showed symptoms that his brain was ‘wired’ quite differently.”

In his published book of poetry,  18 Poems, Thomas uses phrases such as  “the sound of light” and “on tips of thought where thoughts smell of the rain“. Dr Sands believes that  the dysfunctional behaviour of Thomas, such as his depression and obsessiveness add evidence evidence to the fact that he may have been on  on the milder end of the autistim spectrum.

Dr David Sands book, Dylan Thomas Made Genius: How Synaesthesia Influenced His Behaviour and Creativity is published by Dee Bee Books Northern Sky at £30.

: Martin Shipton on the Wales Online website: Did Dylan Thomas have autism? Psychologist claims poet had mild form of the condition and synaesthesia