Scottish actor becomes new ambassador to autism charity

speru-ghlanActor, Kevin Guthrie – of Sunshine on Leith fame has become the first Ambassador of the Scottish autism charity Speur-Ghlan (Gaelic for blue skies).

Paisley born Kevin became aware of the opportunity after reading about it on twitter.

The charity offer early therapeutic interventions for children who are diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other developmental delays.

It states on the charity website:

‘Speur-Ghlan is Gaelic for blue skies and is indicative of hope and aspiration for the future. There are two ways to say blue skies in Gaelic and ‘speur ghlan’ translates as ‘clear sky’/cloudless heavens’. Metaphorically cloudless skies are a clear sign of hope, particularly in Scotland ! The idea of ‘blue skies’ also brings in the idea of future thinking, clarity of approach and a new start to early intervention, where parents can begin to build the foundations for a successful future’

Kevin told the Evening Times:

“I can’t wait to get involved with the incredible work of Speur-Ghlan – it’s an amazing charity.”

He then adds:

“Every kid in this world deserves the right to the best chance – the best development possible for them.”

Speur-Ghlan can be found on Facebook
You can find their website here
The original article in the Evening Times can be found here