National Autism Association’s Facebook page hacked

NAANational Autism Association(NAA) – The non profit organization has reported that its Facebook page has been hacked. Cathy Jameson wrote on the Age of Autism website that the Facebook page has presumably been taken over by internet trolls.

The admin of the National Autism Association Facebook page can now no longer have access and innaproriate posts have been posted by the hacker or hackers.

The NAA tweeted

NAAPresident of the NAA, Wendy Fournier also added that their staff have been removed and do not have access to the site. They are asking followers for help. They posted on the NAA twitter page.


Age of Autism asked:

‘Who does this?  Who cyberbullies and publicly attacks an organization who’s dedicated their time and energy to helping families in need?   Not just any family, but families caring for individuals with autism?’

The NAA issued a statement via Facebook which read:

“Soon NAA will issue a statement regarding what happened to our previous page. In the meantime we want to thank all of you for your support. It means the world to us.”

Leading autism campaigner, Kevin Healey, said of this incident:

“it’s awful, I would suggest that people have their security setting enhanced of their Facebook page and to have the ‘extra security log in advanced feature‘  on. Some people don’t care whom they attack etc, it’s terrible, hope they get their page back’

The NAA twitter page can be found here