Naked person found roaming in grounds of troubled autism school Orchard house, Devon, UK

CC BY-NC by michemozaix

Devon, UK – A naked person was found roaming in the grounds of troubled autism school Orchard House and Broomhayes centre, in Devon, UK, during a health inspection according to report released November 20.

The reporting body, The Care Quality Commission said that it was taking the issue up with the National Autism Society (NAS) in the UK. The visits arranged in September highlighted concerns that residents were left open to abuse.

Autism Daily Newscast reported on  October 27, the school and centre was facing cuts in staff due to financial constraints. The school currently cares for the areas most severe autism cases.

The report states:

“the person concerned was supported by one-to-one staffing”.

“Through discussion with staff it was not evident that full consideration had been given to how this person’s behaviour could impact on the privacy, dignity and rights of all people using the service.”

The NAS did not comment on the naked person roaming on school grounds but told Autism Daily newscast:.

“We are taking the findings of the CQC report very seriously and fully accept that we were not reaching the high standards of care that we set ourselves.

“We want to reassure all those connected to the centre that we have taken action to implement the necessary improvements so that we provide the very best care and support.

“We have introduced new management, increased staff training, invested in changes to the physical environment and will continue making all the improvements needed.

“We have also recently taken the decision to close the residential and day school provision for children at Broomhayes Centre, on a date to be agreed in the early part of 2014.  This will enable us to work on developing a smaller and more focussed adult service.
“As we do so, we are committed to working with the CQC and other stakeholders to ensure that we provide the very best support to the adults in our care.”