My911 a solution to many security needs but not wandering

my-911-logoSecurity is an important concern for anyone.  However, getting security and help in the time of distress should be easy. My911 is the device that brings all the security needs in one place and comes out as a one-solution to all. Depending on the skills of a person with autism, it may be a choice worth considering.  My911 uses the latest smartphone technology to keep users safe and provide them with the all-needed security at any instant. Using bluetooth there is an application for iphone and android. All the major smartphones can use the app and the monthly cost is very reasonable.

The only thing as a parent that you need to do is install the application on a smartphone and the application will do the rest of the work. The main screen of the My911 application gives you access to all the important sections of the application. As soon as someone is in a trouble and needs to get emergency services he or she can press the SOS button on the device and the concerned departments will be notified. It is always difficult for anyone under stress to be calm enough to share his exact location, address and other information when he’s in a panic situation.

The device takes care of this matter well and sends a notification to the concerned security departments with the users exact location and all the information that security departments need in order to reach the person in distress. One of the best things about this application is that it allows notification of an unlimited number of contacts on the phone about the exact location at any given moment. Cyber-alerts is another very useful section of the application. This section gives the information about any extreme weather conditions or natural calamities that could be dangerous for you when you are traveling somewhere or if your child is outdoors.

The health section of the application is the most innovative of all. You can record the health information of person on the phone and whenever there are any drastic changes in health of that person you will be notified instantly. Think about a child on the spectrum who has gone to some activity and has a meltdown. The information about his health will be sent to you right away. Furthermore, the individual with autism can simply click on the “notify” button on the screen and all the contacts on his phone will be notified of his location. Whoever is nearest to the child can go straight away and help the child in emergency.

However, it does take a smart phone and some skill level to be able to use this technology. Also, most schools insist that phones be turned off while on campus making the use of smart phones for safety less functional. It is probably not suitable for smaller children who bolt. Looking at the video on the web site, it is clear that this was originally marketed to parents who feared that their children might be abducted.

You can find out more on their website here.