Mother Who Consoles Distressed Son at School is Arrested

St. Louis County, Missouri, Walnut Groves Elementary School – Niakea Williams who was trying to pick her son up from school ended up in handcuffs and the school went on lockdown.

Her son, Michael has Asperger’s Syndrome.

The incident took place at Walnut Groves Elementary School on Thursday when Niakea went to help her son after she received a frantic phone call from the teacher, saying that Michael was panicking,

After getting the call Niakea went to the school and was buzzed in by school officials. She is reported as saying:

“I saw a teacher and she said Ms. Williams what is wrong? I said something is wrong with Mikey and proceeded to go straight to my son,”

She went to her son’s classroom and started to console him. She was then told by the school principal that she had violated school policy by not signing in.

The article then states:

“I didn’t sign the book, but I had to check on my son. You can bring me the book, She said oh no, I’ve already called the police. You called what,”

Calverton Park Police responded to the call that was reported as an “unauthorized entry to a school.” The school was also put on a 12-minute lockdown and a letter was sent home to parents.

“They escorted me away from my son, who already has emotional distress. Four officers told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was under arrest,”

Niakea was taken to the police station on trespassing charges and she stated that she felt her arrest was unnecessary.

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