June 5, 2014


Photo courtesy of KHOU News
Photo courtesy of KHOU News

Jackson, Texas – Carmel Harr is furious after learning that her autistic son was voted “most gullible and drama king” by the other children in his fifth grade class.

Denis Harr, 11 was awarded the title during an award ceremony at Grady B. Rasco Middle School in Jackson.

Carmel first heard about the award when her son asked her the question, “What does gullible mean?”

Carmel says in the article:

“This is an age where they don’t need to have labels put on them,”

Carmel says she was more outraged when she learned the the labels were created by a small group of teachers.

“He had been chosen by a lot of kids because they wanted to see him get the award and cry,”

After hearing about the complaints, the superintendent cancelled the award ceremony for all the students.

Carmel is still waiting for an apology from the school.

The original article by Drew Karedes from  KHOU 11 News