Mother left murder – suicide note as she could no longer care for her severely autistic son

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

Prince Rupert, British Colombia, Canada – The bodies of Angie Robinson, 40 and her son, Robert, 16 were found at their Prince Rupert home on April 3. Robert had severe autism. RCMP confirmed that it was a murder-suicide, A suicide note had been written by the mother which showed she felt she could no longer manage Robert and that Family Services could not provide adequate support.

The note mentioned that Robert had become unmanageable and had become violent against himself.

The family released a statement after the tragedy that said:

“Angie was a single mother, very shy, loving, and kind-hearted. Her beautiful boy Robert was diagnosed with autism at a very early age.”

The day before the murder – suicide happened Angie made this comment on her Facebook page

“More, more, more needs to be done for our teens with special needs, they are neglected… Canada needs more residential and respite care for families hoping to keep their children at home.”

In a statement issued by the family they call for:

“A complete assessment of current services and services required are at the forefront of the family’s investigation — so that the hopelessness felt by a mother who wanted nothing but help with her son so that he could live with her forever will not be felt by another family.”