Mother launches online petition for street signs for son with autism

Olathe, KS – Barbara Holliman is a Johnson County mother to a 14 year old son with autism. She has recently set up an online petition in order to urge  local city officials to put up road signs to alert others that there are children with autism living in the area.

She decided to take matters into her own hands when she wasn’t getting the answers she wanted from officials in order to keep her son safe.

KCTV 5 News report that  Zane, who has preverbal autism, has an affinity with spreading paper and likes being independent, which is a concern for his mother.

“My son has wandered away from my home. Fortunately, nothing bad has happened,”

One in 68 children has autism spectrum disorder and one study suggests that nearly half will wander away from home before their 17th birthday.

That is one reason why Barbara has had extra locks fitted on her doors as well as installing a loud security system.

Barbara tells that she started the petition;

“So that they will drive more carefully, and if they see a child in the street and that child can’t respond if they need help, then they are aware that child is autistic,”

Barbara ends by saying that she just wants to protect her son.

The online petition can be found here

The original article by Erika Tallan on the KCTV 5 News website can be read here