Mother finds offensive stickers about son with autism stuck on her car – w/video

screenshot taken from YouTube video,

screenshot taken from YouTube video,Mother of child with autism finds offensive stickers on her car

Salt Lake City — A mother of a young boy with autism was shocked to find out that offensive stickers referring to her son was stuck on the windshield of her car— right beside another sticker which she put herself to let people know that her son has autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Eliese Livingston said she decided to put a sticker on her car’s windshield, which read “Autistic child may not respond to verbal commands”, to let people know that her five-year-old son, Kyler, may have some difficulties in certain situations.

But Eliese found herself shocked and outraged after finding three offensive stickers stuck to her car’s windshield while it was parked at her Sandy, Utah home’s front driveway on Tuesday last week.

The words on the stickers said: “Undisciplined”, “Spoiled Brat” and “Unetitled”— a word likely to have been misspelled by the offender.

In an interview with Salt Lake City’s KSL News, Eliese told:

“I feel like they were attacking autistic children in general.”

“It’s just appalling, all of it. He will struggle for his entire life and people want to make fun of it?”

According to Eliese, Kyler has been diagnosed with three different disorders that fall under ASD. Because of this, Kyler has been struggling to communicate and interact with others. She told:

“I have no idea what he’s saying and he doesn’t know what I’m saying.”

“Autism is definitely a challenge.”

The individual/s behind the offensive stickers is yet to be identified.

Eliese said she already filed a police report and has already made an inquiry around her neighborhood, but so far none has admitted to committing the offensive act against the Livingstons just yet.

Source: Elton Hobson: Global News: Mother shocked to find offensive stickers about autistic son on her car