Mother and young autistic son made homeless

Dublin – Tracey Gilligan who has a severally autistic son aged 10, has recently been made homeless. The Irish Independent reports that the family lived in rented accommodation for five years. However recently the landlady was forced to sell the house and as Tracey was not able to afford the rent she and her son found themselves homeless.

Tracey said:

“She was a brilliant landlord but she had to sell up and we had to leave the house. I was told to get out on March 31st, and she gave me an extra month because she knew I couldn’t find accommodation at the time.”

Tracey then declared herself homeless and spends her nights in different hotels with her son.

“Autism Ireland paid for a hostel last night and the night before the hostel let me stay for free out of the goodness of their hearts.”

Tracey told that there is no available rented property. She also states that the situation is having a serious effect on her son.

“He is looking around a lot and he doesn’t know where he is. He’s clinging on to me at night. It’s so hard for him at the minute. I feel so sorry for him because he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

The original article by Anita McSorley on the Irish Independent website can be found here