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February 27, 2015

Screenshot taken from the Fox 4 news site
Screenshot taken from the Fox 4 news site

Liberty, MO – A boy with Aspergers’s Syndrome was beaten unconscious at school despite his parents’ request that administrators take measures to protect their two sons from his attacker prior to the incident.

On Thursday Blake Kitchen, a Liberty Middle School student, asked a boy to change seats with him in the school cafeteria. However the attacker, who was only a bystander and who had previously bullied Kitchen’s older brother, opted to get involved. The male grade 8 student viciously beat Kitchen causing him to sustain serious injuries including a jawline fracture, fractured skull and severe damage to his ear.

The youngster ultimately spent four days at Children’s Mercy Hospital and was forced to return for further treatment after he continued to bleed from his wounds at home. His mother Destiny Kitchen reveals her feelings of outrage and frustration following the incident stating:

 “It makes me sad and angry to see him have that moment of terror. Is your son going to make it? To listen to him cry and say. ‘Mommy I’m going to die. Please don’t let me die I’m not ready’. It could have been avoided”

According to the school board police are currently investigating with the full cooperation of staff leaders. The South Eastern Missourian has reported Liberty police Capt. Andy Hedrick saying that the grade 8 student, whose name has not been released, was arrested and has been referred to juvenile court,

Source: John Pepitone on the Fox 4 News website:  Boy with autism severely beaten at Liberty Middle School
South Eastern Missourian website:  Boy with Asperger syndrome back in hospital after severe beating at school


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