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January 21, 2015

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In last week’s column we ran a little tongue in cheek poll on who was the sexiest male celebrity in 2014. I really wanted to recap and remind our readers some of the “good deeds” that celebrities did last year. The winner?  Michael Bublé received 30% of the votes for his endearing video he sent to Griffen that can be viewed here.

You will notice that there were two “other” votes – one was for a celebrity who has absolutely no connection to autism and the other an autistic advocate but not a celebrity and so they have been eliminated.

The final results are below:

Two weeks ago I wrote that it was a bit of a mixed blessing that Gilbrert Gottfried got fired from Celebrity Apprendice early in the series, despite having his charity an autism organization.  I don’t watch the show so most of my information is second hand.  Most of the buzz has been around the celebrity contestant Geraldo Rivera.

I have not been a fan of Geraldo Rivera.  While I do think he has done some excellent investigative reporting over the years, I find him to be pompous and comes across more of an entertainer than reporter. Perhaps that’s what has make him so successful. He is clearly a fierce competitor – all of which makes him perfect for “The Celebrity Apprentice“.

Now I am routing for Geraldo Rivera to win and here is why I think you should too.

At first I didn’t pay much attention to Rivera’s participation until I found out more about his charity, Life’s WORC and his four decade involvement. I was following the news closely yesterday to see if he survived Monday’s episode. His team lost. His dance number appears to have been a bust and his team captain was fired but Rivera remains.

Back in the 70’s, Rivera did a number of stories on housing of those who are mentally challenged and became convinced that those with disabilities needed to have smaller group homes and residences. Newsday reports that Rivera’s winnings will be applied to a center for autistic children and families.  I am not sure how much he has raised from the last episode but it is well over $300,000

Rivera told Newsday last week,

“It’s clear that this is a population that is exploding, or at least recognition of their existence is exploding, and they need services.”

Rivera puts it on the line by asking,

“If you are a severely autistic 35-year-old, and your parents die, what happens to you, where do you go, how do you support yourself; do you have the tools to carry on independently, or are you going to end up homeless or arrested in jail for no reason other than you had this condition?”

Geraldo Rivera goes up on my list of the good guys and he has a great body for a 70 year old.  Guess he is going to make the list for “Autism’s sexiest celebrity men of 2015”. Oh dear.

Source: Newsday  Geraldo Rivera’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ appearance scores win for LI’s developmentally disabled
Inquisitr Celebrity Apprentice Geraldo Rivera Sings and Dances his was to a Team Loss

Jenny oh Jenny

Finally, just when I thought I would give Jenny McCarthy a break, here comes this well researched and emotional Huffington piece that really does a good job of trashing her. Phony Anti-Vaccine Propaganda Is Killing U.S. Children. by author and political activists Erik Ose is clearly bent on a campaigning to stop Jenny McCarthy from getting more airtime.  Osse want to raise public opinion to get her new reality TV show with husband Donnie Walhberg shut down. He writes:

“That’s the nature of being a celebrity, possessing the ability to influence other people’s behavior, and therein lies its potential for abuse.”


What are your thoughts? Is McCarthy entitled to make her opinions public or as a celebrity with influence should she be held to a higher standard?

Comments are open.

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