If you can’t beat them Join them – Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins on 'This Morning'

Katie Hopkins on ‘This Morning’

Oh dear, Rent-a-Gob Hopkins is back in the autism news only this time it seems she wants to join us rather than deride us.  “I’m probably on the spectrum” she’s claimed, another pitch for a headline that will fill another few nano-seconds in the media’s drivel machine.

If you really want a label, Katie, psychopath might be a better diagnostic starting point but I’m not big on labels and anyway I’m not sure the one that really fits you has been invented yet.   However if being autistic is what you really really want, welcome on board –  this is the deal:

  • You will struggle every day of your life with a social world that can seem frightening, bizarre and sometimes hostile
  • You will likely undergo bullying at school, discrimination in the work force and underachieve despite high ability
  • Sight, sounds, smells and touch may invade your senses to a point where you are completely unable to function
  • You run a higher risk of depression, mental health problems, eating disorders and profound isolation
  • Getting through an hour let alone a day at work can leave you more exhausted than most people can begin to imagine
  • You will suffer media harassment, bigotry and ignorance every day of the week (sound familiar?)

In brief you are likely to be economically, socially and psychologically disadvantaged throughout your life (oh, yes, in case you hadn’t heard, autism is for life).  Should you choose to accept these terms then welcome to the World of Autism, Katie.

I give you ten seconds in it.  Starting now.