Megan Landry creates ‘Anna’s Song’ for Anna Kenedy OBE

Megan Landry, taken from Facebook

Megan Landry, taken from Facebook

Ontario, Canada – Megan Landry, 17 is a singer songwriter who met Autism campaigner and advocate Anna Kennedy of Anna Kennedy Online via social media. Megan had read about Anna’s various projects and about her two sons Angelo and Patrick who are both on the autistic spectrum. Anna informed us that one of Megan’s closest friends is on the autistic spectrum.

Megan therefore decided that she wanted to write a song for Anna. The song has now been recorded and is being used to announce that nominations are now open for Anna Kennedy Online’s second ‘Wear it for Autism’ fashion show supported by Models of Diversity that will be held on
Monday 6th October. Confirmed presenters now include Arlene Phillips and Keith Mason.

The first Wear it for Autism fashion show happened last year. Highlights of which can be viewed below.

Megan describes “Anna’s Song” as:

Anna Kennedy OBE

Anna Kennedy OBE

“an abstract creation about autism. It’s abstract because autism is abstract. Autism is quite complex, affecting everyone very differently. The two verses are written from both the Mom and child’s perspective. The chorus has a calmness about it. As the people impacted by autism are staggering to cope, everything around them just goes on. The sheep is a metaphor for the autism community trying to hold it together and the shepherd is the leaders of society who should be helping (government, school system). The bridge is a vocal harmony of passion, of loss, and joy, confusion and calmness.”

The video of Anna’s Song can be viewed here

written by Megan Landry and produced by Steve Gardiner

You can visit Megan’s YouTube channel here

For more details about Wear it for Autism 2014 please visit the website