Man with Distinctive Tattoo Robs and Threatens to Kill Autistic Man

photo courtesy of Orange County Jail

photo courtesy of Orange County Jail

Orlando FLORIDA – Travis Smith, 22, has been charged with robbing and threatening to kill an autistic man. The incident took place on Monday August 11.

The man was on bike and has  distinctive face tattoo, he has the letter B tattooed on his head between his eyebrows and the bridge of his nose

The Orlando Sentinel, state that the man’s father snapped a cellphone of the suspect when outside their home.

The victim, who remains unidentified,  was walking home from the Super Discount convenience store on Dairy Road at 4:15 p.m.  when approached by the aggressive bicyclist who demanded money.

The Sheriff’s Office said in a report.

“After threatening to hurt the victim by shooting him and ‘blowing his head off,’ the suspect took the victim’s money and cell phone then demanded that the victim take him to the victim’s house so that the suspect could steal the victim’s father’s car,”

The attacker didn’t show a firearm, but the victim told that he was in fear  for his life and agreed to walk home while the bicyclist followed.

The original article by in the Orlando Sentinel can be read here