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April 11, 2018

trainPortland OR – Man with autism Lucien Jones was fined upwards of $200 when he failed to show his ID card. The incident took place on Sunday when Jones was on a MAX train. Jones is considered an Honored citizen because of his autism and gets discounted fares. His honorable citizenship is indicated on both his ID card and his mass transit card.

A TripMet supervisor asked Jones to show his mass transit card, which he did. Then, according to proper procedure, he asked for Jones’s ID card as well. Jones froze. Jones told news outlet KATU.

“I kind of get a little nervous sometimes,”

His mother Lisa Jones added,

“He went in to shutdown mode. He saw an officer in uniform and he freaked. Why is this person approaching me?”

Jones had his ID on him, but was to scared to produce it from his wallet. When the TripMet supervisor didn’t recognize this frees-up as a common sign of autism, he fined Jones who quickly took the fine to his mother.

“It just infuriates me when stuff like this happens that could have been prevented. All they had to do was be a little more sensitive and be a little more patient,”

Lisa Jones told KATU. Lisa Jones then called KATU.

At first the transit authority said Jones would have to send a scanned copy of his ID card to get the fined waved, but once they saw the report on TV showing both cards they wavered the fine.

TriMet could not be reached for comment as to whether they plan to conduct autism awareness training for their employees.

Contributed by Audrey L. Hollingshead

Source: Autistic man has honored citizen pass but is fined on MAX

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