Green Bridge Growers Aquaponic Greenhouse in Indiana Employs and Supports Young People On the Autistic Spectrum

Chris Tidmarsh from

Chris Tidmarsh from

Green Bridge Growers Aquaponic Greenhouse – Indiana. Jan Pilarski from South Bend, Indiana decided to set up her own business when her son Chris Tidmarsh lost his job. He graduated with a degree in chemistry and environmental studies and was working in environmental research but after losing his job moved back home.

Jan Pilarski told James Hamblin from The Atlantic, that many of Chris’s peers, who are also on the Autistic spectrum, were chronically unemployed despite having post-secondary degrees. Realising that she had a battle on her hands in trying to gain employment for Chris she decided to set up her own business.

“I saw an opportunity to be entrepreneurial about the staggering 90 percent unemployment rate confronting people with autism.”

She explained that Chris had an interest in the science of farming and she therefore used this interest and started a prototype aquaponic greenhouse. She employed Chris and other young people with Autism.

After this initial success she then sought help through the internet to further fund a commercial sized version of the project. They had hoped to raise $15,000 and so far have exceeded their goal.

‘Each greenhouse will produce 45,000 pounds of vegetables every year and employ five young adults on the autism spectrum.’

The original article in The Atlantic can be read here.