Autism v’s Vaccines debate hits media once more

CC BY-SA by Gage Skidmore


An intelligently written and presented piece by American investigative broadcast  journalist and freelancer Ben Swann hit the autism community and on December 4.

There is huge debate within the autism community regarding the validity of claims that vaccines have had a detrimental effect on the onset of autism in children.

Mr Swann who’s motto is “the first step about truth is to be informed“, explores in depth on the video featured above, the story behind what we, the people have taken away from media representation.

Why has the Federal Government quietly paid parents who have claimed their children are autistic because of vaccination? Mr Swann, takes a look into the murky past of vaccination, back to the claims of Dr Andrew Wakefield in 1986.

These claims are now world wide, and renowned, but science still cannot determine a clear link between the vaccination programme in children of 18 months age and the onset of any autistic trait.

He also looks at the evolution of USA’s Vaccine Court, a federal court which deals with vaccine related cases where families of ‘effected’ children can go for injury based compensation. The VICP, or vaccine injury compensation program was created alongside the vaccine rollout programme as every child in the US attending daycare, nursery or school was meant to be vaccinated.

He states:

“At its outset, 90% of claims were ‘on table’.” But almost 30 years later, things are very different. Today, the vaccine schedule, meaning the list of vaccines offered to children has tripled, but the table of injuries has become much more restrictive, forcing 90% of petitioners into “off-table” litigation. And it gets worse. Because for families who believe that their children have been injured by vaccines, there are enormous roadblocks to overcome when seeking compensation for those injuries.”

Swann talks to the father who claims his son is injured due to vaccination.

Since 1986 2,500 parents have made a claim at the Vaccination court, and with celebrities like the outspoken Jenny McCarthy still voicing their concerns publicly over vaccines, this debate is not going away.