October 25, 2016

Logitech Washable Keyboard

Nowadays, just about anything that can be imagined is available on the market, such as 3D printers, invincible cameras, and glasses with a video cameras built in. As of recently, washable keyboards have come into existence and are becoming popular for those with children and in the autism community!

Logitech offers a washable PC keyboard that is quick and easy to clean. Whether it be a light dusting or a soak in the sink, the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 can handle it all. The durable, washable keyboard even features drainage holes to make it even easier to dry. So that the keyboard looks like new, regardless of all the washing, all of the keys are laser printed and UV coated so they do not fade over time. This kid-friendly and autism friendly keyboard features raised keys that are connected to the main board in a way that water can easily move underneath the keys, which allows for a stress-free cleanup job.


Although the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 can be washed, it should be hand washed only with mild soap and a soft cloth in warm water that is less than 30cm deep. It cannot be washed in a dishwasher or with abrasives, alcohol, solvents or harsh detergents, nor can the USB cable that connects to the computer be submerged under water. However, the keyboard includes a cover for the USB connector, so one doesn’t have to worry about damaging the functionality of the keyboard.

The Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 was even an International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honoree in 2013. According to an online review by a father named M. Moore of West Virginia, the keyboard is great for kids and helps him worry less about things being accidentally spilled over the keyboard, as it can be washed and used again without a problem. “Without [the] washable keyboard, it would have damaged [a typical] keyboard several times, [costing him a bit of money] for replacements.” His only wish is that Logitech offered a washable wireless keyboard for the same price. Other reviews, however, point out that the keyboard has flimsy should stands that may break off easily if over stressed.

The keyboard comes with a 3-year limited hardware warranty, brush, and user documentation. The system requirements are Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, and a USB port. The Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 retails for around $39.99 USD and is available for purchase on the Logitech website, as well as many other online electronic retail stores.

This keyboard is extremely well suited for computer use in elementary schools, day care centers, hectic offices, or really anywhere else where messy little accidents have the chance of occurring. It could be especially helpful to adults or children with autism, as sometimes these individuals have poor motor skills and may be clumsy. No matter what this washable keyboard is put through, whether it is drowned in a sweet cup of hot cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal, or children with sticky fingers or runny noses, messes don’t stand a chance! All it takes is a quick rinse, a quick dry, and it is ready to be used once again.

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