Kevin Healey Leading Autism Campaigner Launches Online Petition for Twitter Verification

Kevin Healey, Staffordshire UK – is an Autism Campaigner, charity founder, Trustee and Ambassador for the National Autistic Society (NAS). Kevin has Asperger’s Syndrome and currently has over 118,000 twitter followers.
Autism Daily Newscast has reported in the past about the countless impersonation accounts and online trolling and harassment that Kevin has encountered on twitter.

Kevin has now launched his e petition ‘Twitter: To verify my twitter account – I have constant impersonation I have autism‘, in the hope that twitter will verify his account. So far he has 800 signatures.

Kevin states on his site:

‘Twitter refuse to give me a verification, no I’m not a celebrity, or a person with millions of followers, but I’m a campaigner with autism, and trolls on twitter have pretended to be me they have cloned my profile, Cloned my face, bio etc. and it’s disgusting what they are doing and still doing to someone like me who has autism’

Kevin goes on to say that it can take twitter up to a week to remove these impersonation accounts.

Kevin has been running for the past 9 months a global campaign on these same issues, to stop cyber bullying and online harassment, of which he has over 30 million people supporting his campaign, 23 celebrities and 104 MP’s.

Kevin ends by stating:

‘I just want to be me, I don’t want this impersonation so I want my account protected and verified by twitter.’

You can find Kevin’s petition here

Kevin Healey’s Autism Anti Bullying Campaign