Let The Guardian Angel Tracker Be Your Children’s Guard

guardianangelIt is often quite a difficult task to keep an eye on the children, pets and patients who have conditions like Alzheimer’s and autism. However, the modern technology makes things quite convenient for us and we don’t have to keep an eye on our children, pets and patients the way we had to in the past. Now we have trackers like the Guardian Angel Tracker that uses modern technology to make sure you will be notified when necessary.

The Guardian Angel Tracker is a perfect device for the protection of kids and pets, including service dogs. It is one of the best solutions for parents who have children who have autism because it can be attached to a child more easily than others. Furthermore, this device uses the 2.4GHz RF technology so you can always be sure of the location of the person who’s wearing the tag no matter what the weather conditions are. This is in contrast to the devices that use the GPS technology to locate the person and can often be misleading or unreliable when the devices are indoors or “hidden” from sight.

There is absolutely no installation needed for this device. The device is used in two parts: the tag and the receiver or base. The tag is attached to the person who you want to take care of while the base stays with the parent. The distances can be set on the base for the maximum distance that your child can go. For example, the base will give you the indication by setting off the alarm when the tag is farther than a particular distance that you have set as the maximum distance. The distance could be 16ft, 64ft or even 1600ft.

When needed, the wearers,  if capable,  can also report emergency to the base by using the panic button on the tags. Another great thing about this device is that the same base can take care of multiple tags. You can use the same base for tracking your service dog or a child with autism and tell if they have been separated. Since children with autism are not always able to let you know of their location, the base serves as a great way to compensate for children who can not speak. It has direction indicator option so you know in which direction you should go to increase the speed of your search.

The tags are small in size and thus can be attached to a variety of articles such as car keys. There is a free bonus included in the package; it is a black holster pouch. The tag can be put into this pouch and attached to the subject if the person wearing the tag will be spending a rough day. This device is in compliance with FCC and CE so you can trust it for its performance.

The price for the Guardian Angel Tracker is also affordable at around $60.