Kickstarter Campaign by Mike Guido – “A Real Man – Dad. Daughter. Autism.”

Mike Guido from twitter

Mike Guido from twitter

Simi Valley, California – “A Real Man – Dad. Daughter. Autism.” is a solo stage show that has been written and performed by Mike Guido, comedian and television star. He eloquently tells the story of his unique journey with his daughter, Maria who has severe autism.

Mike writes on his Kicksterter page:

“…through her innocence, vulnerability, and pure sweetness transformed me from a man full of fear, frustration, denial, and sadness to who I am today, which is a man so incredibly happy and grateful to have Maria in my life exactly as she is!”

The show is to be filmed at the Scherr Theatre, in Thousand Oaks, California and will
then be made available on DVD, FREE OF CHARGE, to autism groups and families who are all touched by autism.

Joe Marquez, President of The Ventura County Autism Society said:

“I laughed more than I had in weeks and I cried more than I had in years, and I wasn’t the only one. Thank you, Mike, for reminded us what true inspiration is!”

Mike wants to make sure that “A Real Man” can continue to help people affected by autism but needs funding in order to do so, hence his Kickstarter campaign. Mike needs at least $9,000 to be pledged by Fri, May 2 2014 by 5:15 PM BST in order for his project to be funded.So far
$5,376 has been raised.

Executive Director Of Arizona Autism United, Aaron Blocher-Rubin, is quoted on the Kickstarter page as saying:

“No one walks away from this show without feeling the impact an autism diagnosis can have on a family, but everyone walks away knowing that autism is not a tragedy; rather with an enlightened set of eyes it is a gift.”

Mike Guido’s Kickstarter page can be found here