Jenny McCarthy joins other celebrities in offering $10k reward to find individuals involved in cruel Ice Bucket Challenge

Jenny McCarthy has offered to match the $10k reward offered by Drew Carey in order to help police find the individuals who carried out a cruel ice bucket challenge on a teenager with autism. We reported on this story here.

The Mail Online report that Jenny McCarthy, whose son Evan, 12 has autism,  was sickened by this cruel incident,

The 41-year-old tweeted:

‘I’m joining Drew Carey’s 10K Reward to Find Perpetrators Behind Horrible ALS Bucket Prank. Now it’s 20k! #justice.’

Taken from twitter

Taken from twitter

Bay Village High School officials have condemned what happened and the local Police Department have launched an investigation into the incident after watching the video.

Detective Kevin Krolkosky said the youths involved could face criminal delinquency charges.

The Newser also report that Jenny McCarthy’s husband, Donnie Wahlberg has also offered $10,000, as well as  Montel Williams also promising to make a contribution.

Montel Williams posted on his Facebook page that:

‘This has to stop. Our kids see what we do, what we say. It’s no wonder in a country this polarized things like this happen.

Teach your children well. Quite frankly, the parents of the kids who did this out to go jail too.’

Taken from Facebook

Taken from Facebook

The Mail Online article by Mike Larkin can be read here