Japanese classical pianist holds concerts for carers of children with autism

Noriko Ogawa (From YouTube)

Noriko Ogawa (From YouTube)

London — Japanese classical pianist Noriko Ogawa will be holding a series of concerts for carers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the UK.

Ogawa, who started performing for the carers a little over 10 years ago, has recently been chosen to represent the National Autistic Society as a cultural ambassador.

The classical pianist is set to hold Jamie’s Concerts— a series of concerts she named after a child with autism whose family she once lived with before— in London and in Manchester.

According to Ogawa, she wants to give carers of children with ASD a chance to relax, have a good time, and meet others who are dealing with similar situations. She told:

“Those with autism have sensory problems, so if I asked autistic people to come to the concerts, many of them would find it too intrusive.

“That is why I just target the carers of those with autism. The carers live such a tough life, so the concerts provide music of a high-standard that’s like any other concert, but specifically designed, time and location-wise, to suit their lives.”

Ogawa said that when she first started, not many people were convinced about the cause she believed in. She said:

“‘Ten years ago I was laughed at… Many people said ‘If you don’t bring autistic children into the audience, it means very little’. “

She has now been doing these concerts for ten years,that she told have been “driven by her emotions.” She needed academics to watch her concerts and to share with the world that they really do work, that they are of benefit and worthwhile to those who care for children with autism.

Ogawa is also helping raise funds for the National Autistic Society through her concert series. Her upcoming performances were scheduled in such a way where the carers can go while their children are still at school— at 11am, before the school day is over.

Over the past 10 years, Ogawa has so far held 12 of her Jamie’s Concerts series.

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Source: Suzie McCracken on the Sinfini Music website: Concerts for carers of children with autism