Isaac Raymond Fashion Designer


Image taken from Facebook

Brighton, UK – Isaac Raymond, 16, who has Asperger’s Syndrome has been making his own fashion designs  since he was 12.

Isaac saw a lot of bullying from fellow schoolchildren for being autistic but he has turned his different way of thinking into catwalk fashion shows attended by hundreds.

He has recently started work on his first fashion line and has received praise from from London Fashion Show bosses.

He told the Daily Star:

“It is a way for me to be myself and excel at something, and if I didn’t have Asperger I wouldn’t be the same way.

“The way I am means I am able to make these clothes and express myself – I can have more imagination.

When he saw Lady Gaga  performing on the 2012 MTV Awards he was inspired to design his own creations. His mother, Melanie, helped him with his sewing skills while his art teacher, helped him to improve his drawing skills.

He held his first catwalk show in November 2011, in front of friends and family. His last performance in February attracted hundreds of buyers. He has made hundreds of dresses which sell for up to £80 each.

“When I saw Lady Gaga I saw she had outrageous taste and I wanted to see if I could create clothes that were as wild.

“I believe all women are beautiful and my work is designed to make them feel they have entered another dimension of grace and elegance.”

Isaac’s  latest collection will go on show this month with a line called ‘Over The Rainbow’ inspired by the Wizard of Oz.

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