Iowa autism bullies defended by parents



Melcher, IA– Parents of bullies who posted online videos of themselves tormenting a 13 year old with Aspergers have defended their children for their actions.

Children from Dallas-Melcher Community school posted upsetting videos showing Leon Null being ridiculed and physically hit by fellow pupils, this was reported by on November 18.

The children have since been disciplined and the video destroyed, but  parents of the bullies have voiced their concerns. One such parent, Levi Weatherly told Yahoo news:

“I would say three-fourths of this stuff he brings on himself and probably a fourth of it is bullying that shouldn’t be going on.”

Another parent, Jamie Harrison was reported to be proud of his son for hitting Null around the head.

The school was reported to have written to Null’s mother and explain that the video itself did not amount to bullying. Principal Josh Ehn said that it was the students’ responsibility to handle cases of bullying.

“We try our best to educate our staff, to educate our students to react to the cases, to investigate the cases we have. But ultimately, it’s got to come down to the kids to take ownership for this and to stand up for the kids who can’t stand up for themselves.”

The principal’s decision was defended by School Board President Bob Lepley, who stands by the decision of the principle.

Levi’s mother, Dawn Simmons stated that apologies have been made to her son, but that the family felt frustrated by the action taken.