Investigation under way after boy with autism blocked from travelling on bus with service dog

Dublin Bus – An investigation is under way after a boy with autism, 9 was blocked from travelling with his special assistance dog on the no 13 bus in the city.

Michael McQuillan, was travelling with his assistance dog, mother and sister when the incident happened.

The driver refused to continue on the journey after they boarded the bus.

However after management at Dublin Bus radioed the driver and ordered him to start the engine they were allowed to continue on their journey.

Passengers on board the bus were very supportive of the family.

His mother, Mary, told the Herald newspaper:

“When we sat down the driver said he was not allowing the dog to travel and he switched off the engine.
“The dog was wearing his special jacket which has a written message that it is an Autism Ireland assistance dog.”

A spokesperson for Dublin Bus said a full investigation into what happened is not yet complete. They said:

“It does appear the driver did not realise it was a special assistance dog. Once he realised it was, he proceeded on his journey,”

She said the incident was also very upsetting for her because it brought back memories of another incident after Christmas where another driver refused to allow her son on a bus.

Dublin Bus management had apologised to the family for that incident.

Mrs McQuillan said:

“I just don’t want this to happen again as it’s very upsetting for Michael and the family,”

The original article by Alan O’Keeffe on the Herald,ie website can be found here