Interview – Isaac Raymond Fashion Designer Part 1

Photo credit FASHIONICA

Photo credit FASHIONICA

Brighton, UK – On September 5 we reported about Isaac Raymond, a 16 year old who has been making his own fashion designs  since he was 12. Isaac has Asperger’s Syndrome and was bullied during his younger years. The article can be read here.

We wanted to learn more about Isaac and his keen eye for fashion and we were lucky enough to be able to catch up with him for an interview.

We started by asking Raymond about his younger years and in particular how he was bullied. He told us:

 “I was bullied from a young age because I was different, because of the Autism and because I was creative and didn’t like the things that other children like,  like football and other sports .I would sooner be creating some crazy and insane creation!”

Photo credit, Malcolm Tam

Photo credit, Malcolm Tam

We were amazed to learn that Isaac started to design clothes from the age of 12; we asked him what these early creations were like and how he began the creative process.

Isaac told that when he first started to design outfits he was initially inspired by Lady Gaga and the designer, Alexander McQueen and that they are still big influences in his  work today.

“For my first collection I was just trying to create as many different types of garments using different techniques. A lot of the designs I did for that collection I couldn’t make up because I didn’t have the knowledge at that time to make them. The collection didn’t have much of a consistent theme throughout it. However, since then, I have grown in the knowledge in how to make the different garments. My first collection was a great stepping stone for me to make contacts and to grow as a designer.”


Photo credit, Malcolm Tam

We asked Isaac about the designers and individuals within the fashion world who have shown an interest in his work. He told that one of the most influential people who have paid interest in his work is Josef Jammerbund, the Head of Events at The British Fashion Council, who host the internationally famous London Fashion Week. Isaac informed us that Mr Jammerbund said:

“I think Isaac is displaying a great eye for detail and is able to compose well-fitting and wearable items. Some of the designs are reminiscent of classic fairy tale characters which he cleverly complements with origami silhouettes and Manga images. His expressiveness shines through a bold use of colour and textures as well as a touch of drama. I am intrigued to find out what he can come up with next!”

Part 2 of our interview with Isaac continues here.