International Music Artists Come Together to Rap for Autism with audio

GorzkiKalisz, Poland -Music artists from around the globe have recently come together to record a rap song for Poland’s own autistic foundation “New Hope” (Nowa Nadzieja in Polish.) The song is being used for the foundations campaign Helping Is Trendy. The campaign was created four years ago in response to the lack of media interest in autism.

Project organizer Polish rap artist Gorzki (also known as Uncle G) said,

“The media [isn’t] interested in the problem of autism. That’s why we created a special project with stars to gain attention,”

The contributing music artists ranged from famous American rappers such as Snoop Dogg (sometimes referred to as Snoop Lion), Dr.Drea’s son Curtis Young, Truth Hurts and Eric Bobo from Cypress Hill, and famous Polish opera singer Alicja Wegorzeska. Accomplished Polish composers Marcin Nierubiec and Rob Gitarnik wrote the music. Each artist recorded his or her part for free.

Musicians aren’t the only contributors to the foundation. Dr. John Green of Portland Oregon has been flying in and out of Poland for the past few years to lend his autism expertise.

Copies of Gorzki’s album which include the foundations song “HIT rappers” can be purchased for 20 dollars here:

All profits go to the New Hope foundation. To learn more on how you could help promote the foundation and Helping Is Trendy please go to: