HPV campaigner Katie Couric compared to autism vaccine campaigner Jenny McCarthy by The Washington Times

A journalist for the Washington Times has blasted claims by celebrity Katie Couric that HPV or Human Pappilloma Virus vaccinations are causing more deaths than anticipated in the US by comparing her to vitriolic anti vaccine autism campaigner Jenny McCarthy.

A show entitled the Big Converstaion went live on air December 5, where Ms Couric aired concerns that vaccines given  to women could be a leading cause of Cervical cancer.

The article written by Paul Mountjoy, a retired psychotherapist and writer then turns to Jenny McCarthy and her crusade to ban vaccinations for children as she believes in Dr Andrew Wakefield’s controversial research in the 1980’s which led to him being struck off.

Mr Mountjoy writes:

“Jenny McCarthy has long been soapbox style promoting her opinion that vaccines contribute to the rise in autism despite that facts that the CDC, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and many other well respected medical reporting agencies have debunked such fears and cannot find a relationship between vaccination and autism.

Perhaps taking advice from of celebrities, who search for controversy stirring angles, may be detrimental to one’s health. Getting the facts from qualified medical experts is the best approach for making health related decisions.”

Full article can be found here.