Hearing-impaired children in Romania often misdiagnosed with autism

Romania – A report by Stirile ProTV in Romania has shown that hearing-impaired children in the country are often misdiagnosed with either autism or retardation. According to the report, the country lacks the proper equipment and effective screening that would allow health workers to determine whether a child is having difficulties in hearing.

Alexia, a nine-year-old girl, had major communication problems since the time she was born. Her mother, Daniele Albert, said that she brought Alexia to every specialist she could possibly think of. After going to a psychologist, a neurologist, an otolaryngologist, and undergoing 3-4 speech therapies, Daniele said that she was done.

The doctors that saw Alexia merely told Daniele that her daughter was too spoiled.

It wasn’t until one simple thought had crossed her mind that everything had changed. Daniele brought Alexia to undergo a simple hearing test, and it was then that they found out that Alexia’s hearing was impaired.

Today, Alexia carries around her hearing devices and is now able to communicate well.

Parents in Romania have called for their government to make these simple hearing tests mandatory for every newborn child in the country.

Contributed by Althea Estrella Violeta