Group Home in Salem Accused of Abuse Towards 37 Year Old Man with Autism

Photo credit, Photo by Kim Tunnicliffe-WBZ NewsRadio 1030

Photo credit, Photo by Kim Tunnicliffe-WBZ NewsRadio 1030

Salem, US – A group home in Salem is accused of abusing Scott Crawford, a 37 year old man who has autism.

Teresa Carrington claims her son was severely beaten in March by a worker at the home, which is run by the May Institute.

In the CBS Boston article they report that Teresa told WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that she brought her son home from the live-in group facility for a weekend and noticed severe bruising on his stomach.

There were also traces of blood found in his urine several days later.

Teresa was told by the home that the bruising came from workers’ efforts to restrain her son.

She says:

“Scott said the guy was boxing his stomach.  So that man was hitting my son in the stomach.  I really would like to see him fired from there and I would like to press charges against him because he needs to be held accountable for doing this,”

The Salem Police Department, the Essex County District Attorney’s Office, and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health are all looking into her claims.

“My son can’t help himself. How could anyone do something to someone that can’t even help themselves? I can see if he would fight you, if he was trying to hurt you, then you were defending yourself, but these type of bruises, looks like you were just beating him,”

The original story by Kim Tunnicliffe on the CBS Boston website can be read here