October 25, 2016


A study done at the University of Canterbury has revealed that tablets are able to help autistic children in communicating better. There were several children that were observed during this study and one of them, Angus, was able to write his name for the first time. Angus, a seven year old from Omihi in Northern Canterbury, who had no prior writing ability at all before using a tablet. His mother stated that previously he was able to draw only figures or circles when given a piece of paper to write, but he was able to write his name when given a tablet. The tablet devices like Google Nexus 7 have opened up many learning opportunities.  Angus, who does not speak, will be able to use the tablet at home throughput the year as part of the study curriculum.

This study has been a joint project with researchers based in Wellington and it has encouraged many children to use the tablets and pictures. The study hopes that the final project results would motivate children to learn vital communication skills and improve their standard of life.


Asus has built the first tablet as part of the Nexus line of Android tablets produced by Google. It is Nexus 7. It has been made with a focus to compete with budget tablets like the Kindle Fire and the Nook. Google Nexus 7 offers the Android 4.1 or Jelly bean operating system.

It was the first Android tablet device that was produced with Google Chrome as the default browser. The tablet was introduced at a price of $199 to make an impact in the market that is becoming increasingly crowded. Asus has built it with style, giving it a glossy and black bezel design. The rigid plastic is almost made to look like metal. The rear portion of the tablet device has been covered with material that gives a feel of soft leather. The inspiration has come from Steve McQueen’s driving gloves that he wears in “Bullitt’.


It gives a good feel when you hold it in your hands. The soft leather touch on the rear is a little different than other tablets in the market. It is smudge resistant. The speed is fast. IPS Display is good. Good design. Price is moderate. Hardware build is good.


The bezel on the front portion of the tablet is rather large for the size of the screen. There are some minor issues on the display screen. If you press a little harder with your fingers against the screen, it will cause the liquid crystal display to create ripples. There is no rear camera. Nor is there a microSD card slot. The landscape access to home screen does not exist. Camera app is missing and the storage is rather limited. The 8 GB model has only 5.62 GB of space that can be used or accessed.


The bottom ridge of the Google Nexus 7 tablet has a Micro USB port and there is a volume rocker and Power button on the right side. On the edge to the left, there are surface connectors for the dock. There is a camera which is embedded in the upper bezel on the front of the tablet. The tablet weighs 0.74 pounds. It is 0.41 inches in thickness. It measures 7.8 inches in height and 4.7 inches in width. The screen size is seven inches. The operating system is Android 4.1 or the Jelly Bean. RAM size is 1 GB.


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